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Mr. N. Moffatt
Educational Staff
Grade 4/5    Room 14
Mr. B. Benjaminson
Grade 3      Room 20
Mrs. C. Deyoe
Kindergarten    Room 3
Ms. S. Dobbyn
Kindergarten   Room 1
Mrs. A. Lockhart
Mrs. D. Lockhart
Grade 4/5   Room 13
Mrs. N. MacFarlane
Reading Recovery
Mrs. K. MacRae
Grade 1/2   Room 23
Ms. E. Marlatt
Grade 1    Room 21
Mrs. K. Marschall
Music   Room 16
Mrs. H. Neufeld
Grade 1/2   Room 22
Ms. V. Price
Mrs. M. Richtik
Phys Ed.    Gym
Mr. D. Sarahs
Grade 2/3   Room 24
Miss N. Vaughan
Grade 3/4   Room 19
Miss R. Zajac

Support Staff
Library Technician (Day 2, 4 & 6)
Miss T. Cox
Educational Assistant
Mrs. E. Atanacio
Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Maharaj
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mrs. K. Guttormson
Mrs. K. McKenty
Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. McWilliams
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mrs. D. Pemoeller
Ms. T. Price
Computer Technician
Mr. R. Szeto
Speech and Language Path.
Mr. K. Biggar
Social Worker
Ms. M. Fitzner
Mrs. B. Cantor
Evening Cleaner
Mr. W. Ducasi
Custodian/Lunch Supervisor
Mr. D. Darr
Lunch Supervisor
Ms. G. Donegan
Lunch Supervisor
Mrs. J. Leighton
Lunch Supervisor
Ms. A. St. Cyr
Lunch Supervisor
Mrs. B. Tallas
Lunch Supervisor
Ms. R. Trakys
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor

Mrs. D. Wadin
Ms. N. Broesky
Ms. C. Duncan
Ms. I. Klassen
Ms. K. Trist
Ms. K. Ramnauth

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. D. Shand

 Last Modified: 23 April,2017